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this is actually kinda annoying

2011-02-15 18:45:02 by xilo144

I'm submitting music and NONE of it is being a proved, what is it everyone hate xilo week or something?

of maybe these so called "moderaters" are actually bots who thing everything is 'unaproveable' I've PMed Tom Fulp about the issue and no response on the matter

post here if you get this issue too


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2011-02-15 19:39:51

Well, getting approved took me two weeks. So try to wait a while and see if they get approved

xilo144 responds:

two weeks? Jees thats WAY to long


2011-02-16 14:15:59

When i first submitted stuff, it took well over a month (maybe even close to 2) before it was approved. They get bogged down with content to approve sometimes, so it takes awhile, especially if you submitted more than one thing. just be patient. itll get there.


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